Club Events

Half-Way Thru Beast Picnic

Our annual club picnic occurs around the half-way point thru the Cadet Basic Training, in July. Hosted by a club member it is a great day for all of us to come together to support and get to know our New Cadet parent members. Members may share letters they have received from their child while seasoned club members and current Cadets share insights as to what the New Cadets may be experiencing during the 6 weeks of CBT. We also talk about what is ahead on A-Day and the upcoming academic year.

R-Day - Welcome Table

Our club will joyfully greet you after saying your final good-bye to your New Cadet. We provide tissues, water, small snacks, a compassionate ear and LOTS of hugs to assist our members in getting through this tough day. Our volunteers will help you navigate the events on Post and answer any questions our newest members may have.

New Cadet Luncheon

Held in a central location in NJ at the beginning of May, our club hosts a luncheon to welcome our newest Cadet Candidates and their families. Speakers provide helpful information to parents while current USMA NJ Cadets attend providing insight and answer any questions the candidates may have.

Boodle Box Party

Boodle is American military slang for contraband sweets such as cake, candy and ice cream. Our members gather once a year, usually during the "West Point Gray Period", February, to stuff goodie boxes for our NJ Cadets. All items are donated by members and parents pack the boxes and then deliver them to West Point for Cadet pick-up. Our members enjoy the day together, catching up with friends, sharing stories and eating lunch, which is provided by the club.

Annual Tailgate & Membership Meeting

The club's official gathering of the year occurs at the club tailgate at West Point. Traditionally the event is planned to coincide with the first or second home football game of the year. Food and drink is provided by the club for a small fee, while club volunteers provide the finishing touches ensuring a great event. A quick membership meeting takes place so the Board takes care of official matters.

TEE Notes

Term Ending Exams (TEEs) can be a stressful time for our Cadets. The club sends a note of encouragement and a small monetary gift to our NJ Cadets with the hope of making the study days a little easier while letting them know we are routing for their success.

A-Day Reception Tent

Acceptance Day (A-Day) occurs in August, signifying the end of Cadet Basic Training. It is the first time the new Plebes are reunited with their families and friends. Our club volunteers host a welcome tent for our members providing snacks, water, a tent for shade, a place to sit and relax and offer to take photos ensuring that you capture those reunion embraces after the parade.

WPPCNJ Sweepstakes

Our club's only fundraising event. One Grand Prize Winner and three First Prize Winners bring home some cash from donations made to help finance all our club events. This ensures that NJ Cadets attend all club events for free and provides them with small gifts throughout the year.

Challenge Coin Sale

Our club volunteers organize and sell challenge coins to all USMA families both online and during Ring Weekend at West Point in August . This uniquely designed coin boasts the graduating class crest and becomes a keepsake for families and a nice gift for those who have supported the graduating Firstie. All proceeds benefit the graduating class's Class Fund.

Firstie Farewell

Our parents come together in April to honor our graduating Firsties. WPAOG's Herbert Hall is where the club hosts a dinner buffet and we enjoy a slideshow of photos of our Firstie's 48 month West Point Experience and a guest speaker. The club presents each graduating NJ Firstie that attends a gift as we bid them farewell and wish them luck in the the Big Army as an Old Grad.