Our Board of Trustees

President - Craig Semon (2023 & 2025) Presides at all meetings of the Club; is an ex-officio member of all committees and performs such duties as rightly pertain to this office.

Vice President - Laurie Eckert (2018 & 2024) Assists the President in the President’s absence; performs the duties of the President with all the rights and privileges pertaining to that office. Assists with club events and manages volunteers.

Treasurer - Steve Agran (2024) Custodian of the funds of the Club; conducts the Club’s financial business; keeps records of all such transactions; prepares an annual financial report for the approval of the membership at the regular fall meeting and ensures the integrity of all State obligations and filings.

Secretary - Sharon Sattari (2025) Prepares and maintains records of all meetings of the Club, submits such records for the approval of the members and assists the President.

Membership - Jeanne Courtright (2024) Is responsible for the recruitment of new members, the contact person for incoming Cadet Candidate parents and is the custodian of all membership databases.

Outreach - Social Media - Gautam Agnihotri (2024) Is responsible for the collection and distribution of club news, accomplishments and events through the use of club's social media pages such as Facebook (and successor to Facebook), etc..

Newsletter - Danielle Dean (2025) Is responsible for the collection, organizing and editing of club news, accomplishments and events through the monthly newsletter. This is distributed monthly via email through the Class Representatives.

The Class Representatives will act as correspondents and forward all appropriate material from the President or other Officers to their respective classes.

2023 Class Representative - Toby Bizub (2023)

2024 Class Representative - Jeanne Courtright (2024)

2025 Class Representative - Adam Puharic (2025)

2026 Class Representative - Lisa Capone (2022, 2024, 2026)

Alumni Class Representative - Phyllis Mooney (2022)

Pictured: Todd A. Browne '85 - WPAOG President & CEO, Joanne Ploch - WPPCNJ President, Joseph E. DeFrancisco ’65 - Chairman of the WPAOG